Collagen Hemp Seed Mocha

Delicious collagen hemp seed mocha with Fourfeels Chocolate 

Go check @mindnbodyessence for the how to video and more recipes! 

Ingredients Chop Chop 

3 tbsp hemp hearts 
1 cup water 
1/2 tbsp cacao powder 
1 tbsp collagen powder 
A dash of maple syrup 

Chopped Fourfeels Ashwagandha Coco 
Coconut whip 

Optional (but we recommend):
1 espresso shot - Can also be replaced with roasted dandelion root to avoid caffeine. It taste very similar. 

Step 1:
Mix all ingredients in blender 

Step 2: 
Blend high speed for 30 seconds 

Step 3:
Serve. Garnish. Enjoy! 

What products do you need to create this?

Ashwagandha Coconut