Real Dark Chocolate

Star Ingredients.

Fourfeels only uses real wholesome and certified organic ingredients that each play a key role in nourishing your mind and body. Fierce. Intuitive. Packed with adaptogens. Truly makes you happier in the long run.
Chocolate has never been so good for you.

Raw Cacao. Purest Form of Chocolate.

Exceptionally high in antioxidants, cacao helps reduce oxidative and inflammatory stress. This superfood contains great amounts of iron, magnesium and zinc, contributing to a healthy immune system. It is also known to reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes. Most importantly, chocolate has a positive impact on psychological well-being, as it can boost serotonin production in the gut.

Coconut Blossom Sugar for Pure Energy.

Coconut sugar a is diabetic friendly sweetener and it has a low glycemic index of 35. Thanks to its fibers content, it also allows the body to optimally absorb energy in the long run, avoiding the sugars to be stored as fats. Learn more here.

Cocoa Butter to Kill Hunger.

Rich in essentials fatty acids, cocoa butter curbs hunger and cravings, while nourishing hormones. This healthy fat is comprised of phytochemicals, which improve the blood flow to the skin and reduce the negative effects of the sun on the skin.

Himalayan Pink Salt for Essential Electrolytes.

Packed with electrolytes such as sodium, Himalayan salt has more minerals than regular salt and does not contain additives. It is known to help balance the body’s pH, regulate blood sugar, and even improve sleep quality! Research shows that sodium is a must in balanced diets.